Pointer Wine Glass is a wine accessory specially designed for picnic and outdoor use, replacing disposable cups once and for all. The innovative product combines the properties of an elegant wine glass with the practicality of a metal pin inspired from the shape of a tent peg. 

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Our picnic wine glasses come in different shapes and there is a range of accessories complementing them. Improve your picnic experience by using our products and stay tuned for our upcoming product categories.

  • picnic wine glass for red wine with metal pin, placed upside down on a beige cloth decor next to a piece of Emmentaler cheese, a red grape and 2 plums

    Wine & Food Pairings

    Our favourite wine and food pairings, focusing on finger food for picnics and grape variety obsessions

  • the shadow on a beige background of a picnic wine glass with metal pin and a hand holding it

    Glassware and Glass Care

    Everything you need to know about Pointer Wine Glass, from use and care instructions to design and manufacturing

  • picnic wine glass with metal pin placed on a beige decor cloth next to halved orange, lemon and grapefruit, pear, apricots and white flowers

    Our Weekly Update

    News, accomplishments and thoughts we like to share with our users and friends community around the world

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