How Pointer Wine Glass is Made

How Pointer Wine Glass is Made

The Crystal Wine Glasses are produced in very small batches (200 pieces at a time) and assembled manually. Our goal since day one has been to source and produce in Europe. We have been closely working with the same suppliers since 2015.

The stainless steel metal pins that define Pointer Wine Glasses are produced with traditional casting methods in the heart of Romania. The process involves several steps, and it takes a few days for a limited series to be molded, poured and polished. The shape is a registered model, envisioned and designed by Ramona Enache-Lorenz. We invite you to read more about the story of this invention in one of our blog posts.

Our crystal lead-free wine glasses come from the Czech Republic, the origin of Bohemia Crystal. The glasses are machine blown in order to guarantee the same properties and dimensions suitable for Pointer Wine Glass. In the very beginning we tried using mouth blown limited series glasses made in Romania, however we decided against it due to the impact it had on the quality and packaging of the final product.

The Pointer Wine Glass box is made from certified recycled cardboard coming from Italy. The pressed cardboard is rolled into a tube in Romania, where together with the manufacturer we have developed the inside reinforcements that hold The wine glasses in place. The tub forming is machined, however the inner reinforcements are individually attached by hand. The closing lids are made of white LDPE in Poland using injection molding methods.

The assembly and packaging are the last steps in the Pointer Wine Glass Production. All components go to our unique manufacturer located in the heart of Romania. Here the wine glasses lose their feet and get attached to the stainless steel metal pins, all by hand. Each glass is then packed in the cardboard wine glass set of 2 and once the lids are closed, the Pointer Wine Glass sets start their journey towards our headquarters in Berlin and from there on to our beloved customers.

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