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Collection: Wine Tastings

We would like to introduce you to the fascinating universe of grapes from the country we grew up: Romania. You will taste Romanian wines made from local grape varieties together with cheeses in cosy places around Berlin.

We're excited to share the rich heritage and unique flavours of Romanian wines. If you're new to Romanian wines, this is the perfect opportunity to discover some hidden gems and expand your palate. Here are some of the benefits of attending our wine-tasting event:

  • Discover new and unique flavors: Romanian wines are made from various grapes, many of which are indigenous to Romania. This means you'll have the opportunity to taste flavors and aromas that you may not have experienced before. From the crisp and refreshing Feteasca Alba to the bold and spicy Feteasca Neagra, there's something for every palate.
  • Learn about the history and culture of Romania: Wine has a long and rich history in Romania, dating back to ancient times. Our wine-tasting event is not only an opportunity to taste some amazing wines, but also to learn about the culture, traditions, and history that have shaped Romania's wine industry.
  • Meet fellow wine enthusiasts: Wine-tasting events are a great way to meet like-minded people who share your passion for wine. Whether you're a seasoned wine connoisseur or a novice, our event provides a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to mingle with fellow wine lovers.
  • Support local wineries: Romania has a thriving wine industry, with many small and family-owned wineries producing high-quality wines. By attending our wine-tasting event, you'll have the opportunity to taste and support these local wineries.
  • Have fun!: Last but not least, our wine-tasting event is all about having fun! Whether you come alone or with friends, you're guaranteed to have a great time tasting some amazing wines, learning new things, and enjoying the company of fellow wine lovers.

You will experience a special event in an intimate group to fully enjoy the wine and the atmosphere. Come as you are, no prior knowledge is required, just good energy and a love for wine. The course is open to everyone and all questions are welcome. 

If you want something different, you can check our private wine-tasting events or our corporate events for a different kind of team building.

We love to host small groups and create an intimate atmosphere, where you have the chance not only to discover new wines, but also new people, with different background and wine knowledge. There is no prior knowledge needed, there is no silly question and we are truly happy to have you with us. 

What is included in the wine tasting event?

  • 2.5 hours wine tasting experience guided by WSET 3 somm Ramona Enache-Lorenz
  • Eastern European grape varieties and not only
  • cheese pairing + fruit + olives + crackers + water
  • tasting card

What is the group size for our wine tasting events?

  • max. 20 attendees

If you are curious to learn even more, check out our blog posts about what you can expect from a Pointer Wine Tasting. 

Looking for a tailor-made wine experience? Just drop us a line!

Public Wine Tasting Events with Cheese Pairing in Berlin

We would like to introduce you to the fascinating grape universe we grew up in, Romania. You will be tasting Romanian wines from local grape varieties together with cheese pairing, in cosy locations throughout Berlin.

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