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Collection: Gift Sets Without Alcohol

We designed our collection of gift sets without alcohol for customers who prefer to let their friends choose the right wine, but also for those who cannot consume alcohol or simply do not like it.

Each gift set consists of a selection of our finest products, carefully placed in a special gift box. Some of the gift sets also contain our favourite alcohol-free sparkling wines, from Berlin-based Kolonne Null. 

Our gift boxes are made from natural materials and can be reused either for a future self-packed gift or for storing objects at home. The filling material is harmless and can be easily reused or recycled.

Who would enjoy receiving an alcohol-free gift box?

  • The pretentious Wine Lover - You have a lot of wine loving friends, but it is often difficult to choose the right wine for them given their knowledge. Gifting a selection of innovative wine accessories might impress them more, especially when it comes to glassware. 

  • The friend who doesn't drink alcohol - there are many reasons to not drink alcohol (see below) and that should be respected and supported. Our gift boxes with alcohol-free wine will give them a chance to celebrate the moment with 0% intake of alcohol.

  • The friend who doesn't live in Germany - Shipping alcohol between countries in complicated, even within the EU, for small companies like ours. If you want to send unique Pointer gift to your people far away, this is the solution we came up with: leaving the alcohol behind.

Why should I offer a non-alcoholic wine as a gift?

Offering a bottle of alcohol-free wine as a gift can be a thoughtful and considerate gesture for a variety of reasons. Here are a few potential reasons why you might choose to offer alcohol-free wine as a gift:

  • To accommodate a person's lifestyle or preferences: If you know that the recipient of your gift doesn't drink alcohol, be it for health or religious reasons,  offering an alcohol-free wine can be a way to show that you've thoughtfully considered their preferences.

  • As a gesture of inclusion: If you're hosting a gathering or event and want to offer your guests a beverage that's suitable for all, alcohol-free wine can be a good option.

  • As a unique and interesting gift: For wine lovers, offering a bottle of alcohol-free wine can be a unique and interesting gift that allows them to explore new flavors and experiences.

  • To celebrate any occasion: Alcohol-free wine can be a great way to celebrate special occasions, such as a wedding, anniversary, or birthday, baby shower, without the negative effects of alcohol. 
  • To show support: For individuals who are recovering from addiction or who are in the process of reducing their alcohol intake, offering an alcohol-free wine can be a way to show support and encouragement for their efforts.

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