Can I wash the Pointer Wine Glasses in the dishwasher?

Yes, you can. All the materials we use are dishwasher proof. Even so, we recommend that you wash them by hand as dishwashers can be quite aggressive sometimes. Your own care might extend the lifetime of your picnic glasses.


What to do if my Pointer Wine Glass breaks?

Oh well, that is sad indeed. As any other glass, unfortunately it can break while you are using it or when you clean it. If you save the metal parts and you want a new glass, you can either make your own Pointer Wine Glass (by finding a similar wine glass in size) or you can order some extra from us. For any of the situations, just drop us an email and we will teach you our binding secrets or find another solution.


Can I separate the metal component from the glass?

No, this is not possible. The two components are glued together for three simple reasons: the glass foot could be dangerous if detachable, you could easily lose the metal pin in the grass if you could take only the glass out and drink and last but not least, a mechanic binding between metal and glass without extra components has always been a challenge. We are working though on a detachable version, so we will keep you posted on this topic. 


How many Pointer Wine Glasses are in one set?

Each set has TWO glasses. We personally think drinking on your own is quite cool, but we decided to have two glasses in a set, just in case you have company or you meet someone worth sharing a glass of wine with. The box opens at both ends and you can individually take out each glass. This applies to all the types of Pointer Wine Glasses.


Is the Pointer Wine Glass packaging waterproof?

Unfortunately not. We are very keen on using raw recyclable materials and we really like the texture of this cardboard. Anyway, a wooden box is now in the making of so you might want to stay tuned for our further developments.


What materials do you use for Pointer Wine Glass?

The pointy metal pin is made from stainless steel. Each piece is poured in a cast and polished after cooling down. The glass is quite special, as it has an extra dose of Titanium which makes it more resistant to impacts. As for the crystal glasses, we use Bohemia Crystal (this should say enough, right?). The metal pin and the glass are glued with an elastic adhesive, applied while warm. The glasses are packed in a hand-rolled cardboard box made of recycled paper. This box is engraved with our packaging logo before assembly. The box opens at both ends and its lids are made out of recycled plastic.


Is Pointer Wine Glass a green product?

We try to use as many materials that have already had another journey on our mother planet. We are also happy to provide a product that is 100% recyclable and we hope that all of our beloved Pointer users will make sure the materials we used will continue their journey.


Where do you produce the Pointer Wine Glasses?

The stainless steel pins and the cardboard boxes are produced in 2 different factories in Romania. The glass, as well as the crystal glass is currently imported from Czech Republic, as no other Romanian glass factory could provide such high quality glass. The assembly of the the 3 magic components, as well as the engraving of the boxes is done by another small factory, also in Romania. After one final touch of bubble wrap, everything is shipped to the Netherlands and further on to wherever Pointer is requested.


Where can I purchase Pointer Wine Glass?

Pointer Wine Glass is available on our website and on all the social media platforms that we use: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can always purchase Pointer directly from Berlin at our permanent headquarters on Brunnenstrasse 65 13355. There is also always a stock available in Romania via our local partner, so if you are in any of the three locations just drop us a line.


Can I customise my Pointer Wine Glass set? 

Yes, of course. We can engrave the metal pins with the text / logo / symbol that you have in mind. Just drop us a line and we can make it happen. Please take in mind though that custom made orders will take longer than normal deliveries. For orders above 20 sets, we also offer customisable box engraving. For prices and further details, please send us an email.


What is the estimated delivery time in Europe?

If we have the glasses that you want, it shouldn't take more than one week to have the Pointer Wine Glasses at your door. Depending on the Eurozone, it can even take only 48 hours. All shipping *except for Romania* is done from Berlin, Germany.


What is the estimated delivery time in Germany?

As soon as you place the order, it takes a maximum of 48 hours for the package to make it to your place. If you live in Berlin, you can pick them up yourself or have it delivered faster than 48 hours. We just hope to have in stock what you wish for.


What is the estimated delivery time in Romania? 

As we always have a stock there via our local partner, it all depends on your location. Orders coming from Bucharest can be delivered within 48 hours, while for the rest of the country it can take up to a week. Still looking for the perfect delivery partner.


What is the estimated delivery time for the rest of the world?

Based on our experience so far, it can take up to 10 working days or even more if you order from the US, Canada or Australia. We always add an external invoice to the package to make the customs procedure as smooth as possible and we keep our fingers crossed that you get your package ASAP.

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