As a true wine lover and also a real Amsterdam adopted girl, Ramona always went to the park with some wine and her real wine glasses. After many disastrous moments in which either the glass broke or the entire amount of wine was spilled in the grass, she came up with the idea of having a real wine glass that could be pinned in the ground, to prevent such happenings. After researching a lot, POINTER was born as the first wine glass of its category. Successfully activating under the motto "Drinking wine with style. Anytime. Anywhere", POINTER sold more than 200 handmade prototypes and won a MG F from '96 before starting to think about automatising the production process.

In may 2015, POINTER was launched on Kickstarter (you can check here the campaign) aiming to score 15 000 EUR. Back in the day, Ramona's enthusiasm and love for wine was captured in the video below and succeeded in crowdfunding POINTER Wine Glass after 30 days of hard work.

The glass became famous worldwide and many publications wrote at the time about the best wine glass for outdoor use (more articles on our press page). Validation came only second to the fact that POINTER could now afford the metal, crystal and box moulds. The entire production was soon afterwards outsourced to Romania, the home country of the designer, and after 3 months all the all the POINTER sets set on a journey to their new owners, located in more than 26 countries across the world. 

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Soon after, a very nice design prize was awarded to POINTER, the wonderful Red Dot Design Award - Honourable Mention. Thrilled to have a Red Dot, POINTER went further and registered the utility model and joined several design fairs in both The Netherlands and Romania.

POINTER kept on reaching further corners of the globe, targeted corporate clients, offered personalised services and kept on travelling and testing various soils of our beloved Planet. As a successful young entrepreneur, Ramona was invited to speak about the challenges of POINTER at TEDx Brasov, in Romania.

Thanks to the feedback of its customers, POINTER took a next step and launched in December 2016 a Crystal Collection, aimed to please the very precise wine drinkers with different crystal cups for white wine, red wine and champagne. What's next? A POINTER leather bag, designed in Berlin, POINTER 2.0 (still a surprise), more POINTER outdoor events, design shops and wine tastings. Stay tuned, we're just getting started! 

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