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Collection: Picnic Wine Glasses

Elegant Wine Glasses for Picnics & Outdoor Activities

The Picnic Wine Glass collection consists of real wine glasses designed and intended for outdoor use, replacing disposable cups once and for all. Pointer Wine Glass, our innovative and core product, combines the properties of an elegant wine glass with the practicality of a metal pin inspired from the shape of a tent peg. 
You can pin Pointer Wine Glass to the ground and finally enjoy wine when sitting in the sand at the beach, on the grass in the park or in the snow during your ski holiday, without worrying that your wine glass will tip over at the first wind blow and spill all over. The product comes in a wine glass set of 2, easy to carry around with you on all your outdoor adventures. 

Wine Glasses for different occasions

The collection consists of 4 wine glass models and they are each sold in specially designed boxes for 2 glasses. The 4 models are:

  • Pointer Wine Glass - Original: Our first one - A glass with white wine glass shape
  • Pointer Wine Glass - Crystal White: a glass for white wine, recommended wines are Riesling or Chardonnay
  • Pointer Wine Glass - Crystal Red: a glass with red wine glass shape, perfect fit for Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Barbera
  • Pointer Wine Glass - Crystal Champagne: a champagne flute glass, following the same shape concept as Crystal Red and Crystal Champagne, perfect for Sparkling Wine

E.g. the Crystal Red Wine Glass, which is suitable for red and full white wines, which you can enjoy while a having a nice BBQ with your friends. If you want to toast with a sparkling wine at a picnic in the park, our Champagne Glass is the best choice.
The White Wine Glass, on the other hand, is the perfect partner for white wines, rosé wines, but also sparkling wines. Perfect for after-work evenings with your colleagues.

Materials of the Picnic Wine Glasses

All the Wine Glasses are made from two different materials, connected to each other: a wine glass and a metal pin. The stainless steel metal pin is the key design element of Pointer Wine Glass, specially carved for the thumb (helps when holding the glass and swirling) and carefully shaped to be pinned to the ground. The classic wine glass has a stem but no longer a foot and it is made from high quality lead-free crystal with added titanium to increase its durability.

The collection consists of 4 wine glass models and they are each sold in specially designed boxes for 2 glasses.

Which wines go well with which food?

If you are wondering which wines go well with what kinds of food, unfortunately we cannot give you a general, simple answer. The possibilities of wine and food pairings are very diverse and numerous. Of course, there are some basics you should consider and some recommendations we can give you when checking out our Blog.

Different Wine Glass Types

There is a large variety of wine glass designs and shapes on the market. These shapes don’t only differ visually, but they also impact the way we experience a wine. Did you ever try the same wine from differently shaped wine glasses? If not, then you might be up for a surprise. Bowl dimensions and height, as well as size of the glass opening can enhance or reduce aromas, leading to very different tasting experiences. We can of course not have a separate glass for each type of wine or grape, but there is an easy way to keep it simple and to separate wine glasses into 3 large categories: white wine, red wine and sparkling wines glasses.

Red Wine Glasses vs. White Wine Glasses

The main difference between red and white wine glasses is that red wine glasses have rounder O-shaped bowls and white wine glasses have more U-shaped and upright bowls. White wines require less oxidation and this is why white wine glasses are generally smaller than red wine glasses. The smaller bowl of white wine glasses ensures that the liquid stays colder longer. The large bowl of red wine glasses allows drinkers to swirl the wine easily and therefore aerate it which improves the flavour and aroma. Another major difference between white and red wine glasses is the size of the rim. The narrower rim of white wine glasses helps concentrate the aromas, while the larger rim of red wine glasses…

Why are champagne glasses shaped the way they are?

Sparkling wine is usually served in tall flutes. In the past champagne cups were not tall and had a very large rim, but champagne glasses shifted to a narrow, upright bowl and a small opening. The so called flute shape preserves the flavour and, more important, the bubbles. However, sparkling wine can also be served from white wine glasses and some experts in the field state it is even better than flutes. Flute champagne glasses have some limitations, mostly their impact on aroma. Due to the narrow rim, it can be a bit difficult to cram your nose into flute and sniff the special aromas of certain expensive Champagne.

How to hold a wine glass

When it comes to holding a wine glass, it is recommended to do so by grabbing the stem towards the base. You can be rather flexible as long as you do not hold onto the bowl, mainly because this could increase wine temperature, as well as leave fingerprints. In the case of our Picnic Wine Glass Collection, we recommend you to hold onto the metal pin and position your thumb on the carved notch. When smelling wine aromas, the glass should be inclined at 45 degrees and if you want to take a chance and observe wine colour, it is ideal to hold the wine glass agains a white background.

How much wine should I pour into my Wine Glass?

How many ml of wine should one pour in a glass is quite a frequently asked question. As a general rule, filling 1/3 of the glass will help hold the scents of the wine better. When you lift the glass to your mouth, your nose will pick up the scents that are floating above the wine. More space between the liquid and your nose means a higher the chance to identify and enjoy these scents. Another big reason to not fill the glass to the top is that ideally you swirl the wine (especially for red wines which need aerating). Therefore, without space you will end up spilling wine everywhere at the first swirl. Champagne doesn’t need any swirling, so in this case the glass can be filled up more than for other wines.

woman with curly hair laying on the beach holding one picnic wine glass with metal pin in her right hand next to another picnic wine glass pinned in the sand, with crashing sea waves in the background, photographed at sunset

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We love wine and we love spending time outdoors. We designed Pointer Wine Glass to make drinking wine with style possible, anytime and anywhere. Let us take you on a journey back to where it started.

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