What Food goes well with Barbera?

What Food goes well with Barbera?

Food suggestions for Barbera Wine

Whether one goes for an oaked Barbera d’Asti or an unoaked one is a matter of taste, but generally the unoaked versions– or those aged in larger oak vats or botti grandi rather than smaller barrels– give a bit more flexibility with food by letting Barbera do what it does best–to lift a dish, but never to dominate it.

Picnic and barbecue pairings:

What really sets Barbera apart as a perfect BBQ wine pairing is that full, round body with the tantalizing acidity. A younger steel-aged Barbera is beautiful with lighter meats, like chicken and pork. On the other hand, a wood-aged Barbera in a proper Red Wine Glass is a good option for richer meats on the grill, as well as charcuterie.

Matching red wines with fish is a Holy Grail for some, but Barbera d’Asti can work very well with white fish, for example more robustly textured ones such as salt cod or ‘bacalà’, especially if the cod is prepared with roast peppers rather than tomatoes.

Table served dishes to pair with Barbera:

  • La Battuta - carne cruda with hazelnut oil
  • Lepre in salmi - braised rabbit
  • Tajarin al ragu
  • Risotto ai porcini
  • Roasted veal


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