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Pointer Wine Glass - Crystal Champagne Set of 2

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The Perfect Champagne Glass for your Picnic

Pointer Champagne Glass is a real wine glass designed specially for picnic use, replacing disposable cups once and for all. The innovative product combines the properties of an elegant wine glass with the practicality of a metal pin inspired from the shape of a tent peg.

You can pin Pointer Champagne Glass to the ground and finally enjoy wine when sitting in the sand at the beach, on the grass in the park or in the snow during your ski holiday, without worrying that your wine glass will tip over at the first wind blow and spill all over. The product comes in a wine glass set of 2, easy to carry around with you on all your outdoor adventures.

Champagne Glass with a stainless steel metal pin

The picnic wine glasses have two components attached to each other: a wine glass and a metal pin. The stainless steel metal pin is the key design element of Pointer Wine Glass, specially carved for the thumb (helps when holding the glass and swirling) and carefully shaped to be pinned to the ground. The classic wine glass has a stem but no longer a foot and it is made from high quality lead-free crystal with added titanium to increase its durability.

Pointer Wine Glass - Crystal Champagne is a picnic wine glass with flute shape, ideal for sparkling wine. Our outdoor wine glass collection consists of 4 products. All of them follow the same design principles and are different from one another because of the shape and capacity of the glass part.

What wines go well with the Pointer Champagne Glass?

Simple answer is Sparkling Wines. This glass model is generically called Flute. A Flute has a narrow, upright bowl and a small opening. This shape preserves the flavour and, more important, the bubbles. With sparkling wine, it is all about the bubbles and some flutes have a glass bead at the base that allows the bubbles to gather and rise quickly.

Champagne, Cava and Prosecco are 3 types you could enjoy from Pointer Champagne Glass. Discover our favourite food pairings for each of them, when taking a look at our Blog. Kind reminder: the type of wine and the food you pair it with is always your choice and we encourage you to experiment.


Metal Pin Stainless Steel
Glass Lead-free Bohemia Crystal
Box Recycled Cardboard
Lids LDPE White


Length 290 mm
Capacity 220 ml
⌀ 57 mm
Box ⌀ 7 cm, 43 cm long
Quantity 2 Glasses per Box

Shipping Costs

We ship worldwide from our HQ in Berlin, DE. Our shipping costs are added on top of your total value, depending on the total weight of the items you have purchased. Shipping within Germany starts at 5.4 EUR. Please check our Shipping Costs page for more details about each possible shipping destination.

How to use

Remove the box lid, pull Pointer Wine Glass out, stick it to the ground and pour wine without making your glass too full. Pull the outdoor wine glass off the ground by grabbing the stainless steel metal pin and placing your thumb on the carved notch. Swirl, smell, sip the wine and pin the glass back to the ground, always holding onto the metal without touching the glass cup. PS: don't swirl when drinking sparkling wine.

How to clean

We recommend always washing new glasses before using them for the first time. When cleaning the Wine Glasses, it is perfectly OK to put them in the dishwasher. If you are washing them by hand, just use your hands or special glass cleaning brushes.

How to store

We kindly ask you to keep Pointer Wine Glass in its original packaging, the Pointer box. We advise you to not throw away the internal glass protection wrapped around the glasses. It doesn't matter if you store the box vertically or horizontally, as long as it doesn't fall or bang against something.

How it's made

Pointer Wine Glasses are produced in very small batches (200 pieces at a time) and assembled manually. Since the beginning, one of our main goals since has been to source and produce in Europe and we have managed since 2015 to closely work with the same suppliers. You can read more about the entire production process on our blog.

How to recycle

A Pointer Wine Glass set consists of 100% recyclable materials, out of which only 10% plastic. All used materials can be separated and recycled individually. We are happy to reuse the metal pins, as well as the Pointer boxes. We therefore kindly ask you to contact us for further details in case you want to dispose of your Pointer products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Emma Webster
Never received product

I filled out the wrong address and my tracking says there being returned to the sender, but I haven’t received a refund or any information to give a new address for them to be sent to.

Ziare Blanch
Still have not not received my order.

I ordered 2 weeks ago and I still have not received my wine glasses yet.

Rosa Danenberg
Perfect for bubbles

Champagne, Brut, Cava, you choose but the wine glass is chosen for you.
I simply love to enjoy a glass of bubbles on the beach in these stylish wine glasses.
Absolute must have!

Cadoul perfect!

Am oferit pana acum paharele de picnic Pointer Crystal Champagne de cateva ori drept cadou de nunta! Sunt elegante si simbolizeaza bucuria de a sarbatori orice eveniment! Un adevarat plus pentru mine este faptul ca sunt fabricate in Romania si ma bucur sa sustin afaceri care provin din tara mea si care ne promoveaza peste mari si tari.

Einzigartiges Geschenk

Ich habe die Champagner Gläser einer Freundin zum Geburtstag geschenkt! Sie kamen super an und werden jetzt regelmäßig im Park und unterwegs genutzt! Ganz klare Empfehlung:)

woman with curly hair laying on the beach holding one picnic wine glass with metal pin in her right hand next to another picnic wine glass pinned in the sand, with crashing sea waves in the background, photographed at sunset

Get to know us

We love wine and we love spending time outdoors. We designed Pointer Wine Glass to make drinking wine with style possible, anytime and anywhere. Let us take you on a journey back to where it started.

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