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What Food goes well with Riesling?

Our personal food recommendations for Riesling

Picnic finger food with Riesling:

Riesling - Kabinett Riesling is the lightest style of German Riesling made from grapes, that are just barely ripe. Wines designated Kabinett can be made in a dry (trocken) or off-dry style. These are great with high-acid dishes or fried foods, when enjoying a Riesling in a fitting White Wine Glass. Consider pairing dry styles of Kabinett Riesling with Baked ham slices and crostini, Sliced apples or pears, apple prosciutto salad, sushi and shrimp tempura. If your sushi has a strong spicy kick, then you could try an off-dry riesling instead of a dry one, as the extra sweetness helps to cool your palate somewhat. Cheeses that go well with Kabinett Riesling are Brie, Camembert, Emmentaler and even Feta. 

Riesling Fitting Table served meals:

  • Indian Kitchen
  • Vietnamese Food
  • Thai Cuisine
  • Spicy Meals
  • Deserts
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