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10 Years of Pointer - Wine & Cheese Celebration

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For private events please check below for the exact price per person

Let's celebrate 10 years of designing picnic wine glasses and drinking wine with style wherever we are!

We cannot believe 10 years have passed since the idea of a picnic wine glass struck us. Our lives have changed alongside with this product significantly and we keep on growing while walking on the path of wine entrepreneurship.

We would love to celebrate this milestone together with you, our long term friends, clients, supporters and fans. And as celebration also calls for new beginning, we are using the opportunity to launch our new Collection of picnic glasses: the Earth Collection. More details will be shared soon.

What is included in the price:

  • 4 hours celebration time in Kreuzberg

  • picnic gear in case of picnic weather;

  • Romanian wines (plus alcohol-free options);

  • Cheese and snacks by the amazing Feasts of Eden


    • Where? Feasts of Eden, Urbanstrasse 137A 10967 Berlin
    • When? Saturday 27th of July, 16:00-20:00
    • What? picnic if good weather, cosy livingroom if rainy
    • IMPORTANT: For food allergies/intolerances, please let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

What are all these pictures?

We selected a few memorable shots of our journey so far, including the time we won a car for our innovative design, the first Pointer glasses we made by hand in the garage, the Kickstarter campaign launch, our Red Dot Design Award, our TedX talk, first corporate order etc... So much has changed since 2014, we are now many more, we host wine & dine experience, we are WSET3 certified and the list can go on for ever. We are happy to share this and more stories with you.

Who's pouring wine?

Ramona, our heart, soul and somm, is usually doing that, but there will be plenty of people helping as (spoiler alert) it is also Ramona's birthday :)

What kind of magic glasses are these?

We will be using Pointer Wine Glasses for the picnic part, either the original collection or the freshly launched Earth collection. For indoors, the beautiful glassware you have seen so far at our wine&dine events.

Who is prepping the amazing food?

We are teaming up with Feasts of Eden and letting ourselves guided by their cheese and veggie selection. Yum!


Important: You need to be 18+ years old. | Tickets are fully refundable 72 hours prior to the event, and partially refundable 48 hours prior to the event.

Cancellation Policy

Public tasting: If you, unfortunately, cannot make it, tickets are fully refundable 72 hours prior to the event, or partially refundable 48 hours before the event. Please contact us if you cannot make it, as the capacity is limited.

Pricing Policy

Our public wine & dine events are priced at 139 EUR per person. The pricing for private wine-tasting events varies depending on the number of participants and location. Please have a look at our private wine-tasting offer for more details.


We currently host our events in Berlin Charlottenburg, at the Pointer Headquarters - Ramona's home. The location might change with each new Wine & Dine Chapter. Do you want to attend our wine-tasting events in different locations around Germany or Europe? Please drop us a line via the contact form.


We are trying to eat with awareness and reduce our meat and fish consumption to the minimum. Romanian cuisine uses a lot of that, however there are plenty ways to navigate it and we are happy to offer Vegetarian, Pescatarian and Meat menus without compromising the recipes, but rather giving them the right twist.

Food Waste

In the process of creating the menu and planning the events, we highly value all the ingredients and make sure we use as much as we can from every vegetable or fruit. We are big fans of fixed menus and limited seating because this helps the staff plan the quantities accurately and avoid waste. Whatever is left after the event will be either donated or eaten by us, so stick around in case you haven’t had enough.

Contact Us

For any inquiries regarding our events, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions and find together the best solution for your gift idea.

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