Private Gatherings

Private Gatherings

Are you a small group of friends looking for a fun get-together activity?... 

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Corporate Events

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Public Tastings

Public Tastings

We would like to introduce you to the fascinating universe of grapes... 

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We are happy to bring our knowledge to the table and have you taste unique wines from regions and grape varieties you have not explored yet. 

There is a multitude of events to choose from, be it private, public or corporate, indoors or outdoors, with Romanian wines and even more! We are very open to building together the ideal set-up for you and there is no prior knowledge needed. We are all here to learn!

What is a wine tasting?

A wine tasting is a social gathering where guests sample different types of wines and discuss their characteristics. The process of tasting includes examining the appearance, aroma, and flavour of each wine. Guests can compare notes and gain insight into which wines they prefer. During our wine tastings, you will be guided by Ramona Enache-Lorenz, wine expert WSET Level 2 (soon 3), and discover wines from lesser known countries.

Why should you join a wine tasting?

Here are our top reasons: 

  • Learn about wine from lesser-known countries in a fun setting.
  • Benefit from the expertise of a wine expert who will guide you through the tastings.
  • Taste wines that you may not have had the opportunity to try before.
  • Explore different wine styles and learn more about the grapes used to make them.

Our events are great experiences to share with your loved ones, to connect during a private event or to spice up things for date night. Of course, a wine tasting can also be the perfect gift for your wine-lover friend.

What is included in the wine tasting event:

  • 2.5 hours wine tasting experience guided by WSET Level 2 certified wine-expert Ramona Enache-Lorenz
  • a selection of 6 wines (currently from Romanian grape varieties but can change)
  • cheese pairing + fruit + olives + crackers + water
  • tasting card

How much does the wine tasting cost?

  • our public tastings cost 59 EUR pP
  • our private tastings have variable price, depending on location and number of guests
  • our corporate tastings will be planned together with you and the prices will be adjusted according to your requests.

Where do you host wine tasting events?

  • we are based in Berlin and have predefined locations for our public tastings
  • we are flexible to travel for private and corporate events all over Germany but also abroad

Looking for a tailor-made wine experience? Just drop us a line!

Public Wine Tasting Events with Cheese Pairing in Berlin

We would like to introduce you to the fascinating grape universe we grew up in, Romania. You will be tasting Romanian wines from local grape varieties together with cheese pairing, in cosy locations throughout Berlin.

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Private Tasting Events

We want to bring the wine tasting experience to the environment you love the most and give you the chance to simply relax, take care of absolutely nothing and enjoy the a wine tasting experience together with your closest group of friends.

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Picnic Wine Tasting

Ever wondered what to gift that couple who loves food and wine, who likes to travel and spend time outside? Here's a thought: an outdoor wine tasting experience that we will organise for them and their small group of friends, from A to Z!

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Unique Wine Tasting on a Boat

There is nothing nicer than being at the water on a warm summer afternoon. Combine it with a wine tasting and a jump in the refreshing water and there you go: the perfect anniversary or birthday gift.

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