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Couple Time with Champagne - Gift Set

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A Sparkling Gift for Champagne Lovers

There are reasons to celebrate everyday and nothing compares to a bottle of high quality sparkling wine shared with someone special, be it your best friend, your life partner or a family member. This sparkling gift set consists of one of our finest bottles - the extrabrut sparkling wine traditional method from Stirbey Winery in Romania, and 2 high quality crystal flutes. 

Bohemia Crystal Champange Flutes - 22 cl

Our crystal lead-free wine glasses come from the Czech Republic, the origin of Bohemia Crystal. The glasses are machine blown in order to guarantee the same properties and dimensions. Our picnic wine glasses are made with the same crystal glasses and this is a unique opportunity to purchase them as stemware and use them at home, on your dining table or balcony. 

PRINCE STIRBEY - Spumante Cramposie Extrabrut Dragasani IGT Romania - 12% alc.

Already in the early 20th century, experts from France and Germany  discovered  that Cramposie was a suitable variety for producing sparkling wine. Ours  is made only of Cramposie grapes and is produced in the traditional “champenoise” way. The first fermentation of the base wine happens in tanks and is followed by a secondary fermentation in the bottles, where the wine ages on yeast for four years. After the wine has aged properly, it is riddled by hand for two weeks and then disgorged. For the dosage only the same sparkling wine, without adding any sugar, resulting in a true “brut nature”.


The Pointer Gifts Collection is a product series we designed for wine lovers with exclusive taste. If you are searching for a truly unique gift, this might be the right place for you. Each gift set consists of a selection of our finest products, carefully placed in a special gift box. 

In an attempt to reduce wasteful packaging, our Gift boxes are made from natural materials and can be reused either for a future self packed gift or for storing objects at home. The filling material is harmless and can be easily reused or recycled.


Glass 2 x Crystal Flute - Stemware - 22 cl
1 x Prince Stirbey Spumante Cramposie Extrabrut Dragasani IGT 12% alc.
Box Cardboard Gift Box M - Beige, Burgundy or Black with black inlay
Shredded Cardboard


340 mm
300 mm
100 mm
2 kg


Shipping Costs

We ship worldwide from our HQ in Berlin, DE. Our shipping costs are added on top of your total value, depending on the total weight of the items you have purchased. Shipping within Germany starts at 5.4 EUR. Please check our Shipping Costs page for more details about each possible shipping destination.

How to open

Carefully place the gift box in front of you with the sticker side up. Open the lid by pulling it out from the bottom edge. Read our thank you card and check the products out. Enjoy!


Our gift boxes are made from natural materials and can be reused either for a future self-packed gift or for storing objects at home. The filling material is harmless and can be easily reused or recycled.

How to recycle

A Pointer Wine Glass set consists of 100% recyclable materials, out of which only 10% plastic. All used materials can be separated and recycled individually. Recycling wine bottles is the way forward and it doesn’t take much effort. As for all the other accessories, consider giving them a second life before throwing them into the designated bins.

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