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3 x 2016 PRINCE STIRBEY - Merlot Dragasani IGT, Romania

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This grape variety comes from Bordeaux but is known throughout the world. On the hillsides of Dragasani, it develops its full potential of elegant scents and keen spices. It matures in oak barrels for at least a year, with carefully measured use of new wood; this results in a dense structure of tastes which never become heavy or overly concentrated. Thus, the wine retains a smooth, harmonious elegance even after many years in the bottle.


How to serve

Sparkling and Light-Bodied White Wines - “Ice Cold” between 3-7°C

Rosé and Full-Bodied White Wines - “Fridge Cold” between 7-12°C

Light and Medium-Bodied Red Wines - “Cool” between 12-15°C

Bold Red Wines:“Slightly Cool” between 15-20°C

Dessert Wines - Depends on style

How to store

When preserved correctly, wine can last for decades, even centuries, growing in value and quality. But poor storage can spoil even the greatest wines in the world. These are a few aspects you should keep in mind: Store Wine at the Proper Temperature; Store wine bottles horizontally; Protect wine from light and vibration; Store wine at the proper humidity; Store wine in a wine fridge, not a regular fridge; Serve wine at the proper temperature; Store open bottles of wine properly

How to recycle

Up to 90% of new glass can be made from recycled glass. If you’re getting ready for a night out on the town, drink consciously and remember to keep your empties and then bring to the bottle bank. If you’re hoping to leave future generations with a healthy-ish and useful environment, then recycling wine bottles is the way forward and it doesn’t take much effort.

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