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2017 J.O.H.A.N.N.A - Crama Bauer - Dragasani IGT, Romania

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IMPORTANT - Able to deliver only within Germany

  • Grape Variety: 100% Feteasca Regala
  • Vineyard: 45 year old vines located in Drăgășani, Romania
  • Wine-making: Harvested in 2017; traditional method, fermented and aged for a total of 66 months, disgorged in 2023
  • Style: Extrabrut (2g rest sugar), non vintage, 12 % vol alc. Limited edition: 1500 bottles

Feteasca Regala as a sparkling treat brings out the concentration of the grapes that reached maturity in the Dragasani terroir. It is, no doubt, a gastronomic wine that will accommodate light or acidic starters, but also complex main courses. It has the ability to both outline the freshness in a dish, as well as balance the fat in it.

For this wine, the grapes are picked by hand, then pressed with bunches to extract all the pure flavour in a must, statement for the terroir it represents. The must is kept for 2 days in stainless steel barrels, before full yeasts are added for complexity and depth and it is moved to oak barrels. The second fermentation process takes place in the bottle, the expression being kept in the cellar under optimal conditions for ageing. The result is exceptional, a sparkling wine with a fine minerality that ignites all the senses.

About the grape variety

Feteasca Regala is a grape variety native to Romanian. It literally means Royal Young Girl and it is the most widely planted variety in Romania. It was first observed in 1920 in the city of Danes in Transylvania, Romania. It has thin skin berries, it is susceptible to botrytis bunch rot and draught, but resistant to cold winter temperatures. Tends to produce aromatic wines that are dry, fresh, occasionally floral, both still and sparkling.


About the label

“My aunt Johanna Braun owned the winery where I grew up. Born in 1904, she was already 70 years old when I first saw light on earth. And since we practically lived on the same property, "Aunt Hanne" took care of me, raised me and educated me like a grandmother. From the cradle I knew her as a woman who lived by real values like modesty, worthiness, trust and honesty. I never heard her complain or blame others for the hard times she lived through.

With an experience of over 90 vintages she was of course a living encyclopedia for me, but most inspiring was her way of looking at life and living with dignity, no matter what. She would have loved to see me take over the family winery, and was utterly disappointed when she realized that wasn't going to happen. But from the moment she realised I wasn't going back she started to support me, to encourage me to "go my own way" and live my own dream.

Unfortunately Johanna Braun passed away in 2012 at the age of 108 and never got to see what she started. That's why I promised myself that the first sparkling wine of Bauer Winery would be named after her.” 

Oliver Bauer

About the winery

The Bauer winery guides itself by character and authenticity. In all aspects of winemaking and vineyard cultivation, they strive to create perfect conditions so that their wines speak distinctly and convincingly. Balance, sustainability and understanding the connection with nature are the most important aspects for all the creations of the winemaker.

For Oliver Bauer, the true art of winemaking consists in understanding the personality of each variety and respecting the specific needs and expressions, as well as showing the amazing potential of Romanian varieties and the unique terroir. His goal is to do the right thing, at the right time and to the right extent. 

Wie dienen

Schaumweine und leichte Weißweine - Eiskalt zwischen 3-7°C7°C

Roséweine und vollmundige Weißweine – Kühlschrank kalt zwischen 7-12 °C2°C

Leichte und mittelkräftige Rotweine - Kühl zwischen 12 und 15 °C5°C

Kräftige Rotweine: Leicht kühl zwischen 15 und 20 °C0°C

Dessertweine – Hängt vom Stil ab

Wie lagern

Bei richtiger Konservierung kann Wein Jahrzehnte, ja sogar Jahrhunderte überdauern und an Wert und Qualität zunehmen. Aber schlechte Lagerung kann selbst die größten Weine der Welt verderben. Dies sind einige Aspekte, die Sie beachten sollten: Wein bei der richtigen Temperatur lagern; Lagern Sie Weinflaschen horizontal; Wein vor Licht und Vibration schützen; Wein bei der richtigen Luftfeuchtigkeit lagern; Lagern Sie Wein in einem Weinkühlschrank, nicht in einem normalen Kühlschrank; Wein bei der richtigen Temperatur servieren; Angebrochene Weinflaschen richtig lagern

Wie recyceln

Bis zu 90 % des Neuglases kann aus Recyclingglas hergestellt werden. Wenn Sie sich auf eine Nacht in der Stadt vorbereiten, trinken Sie bewusst und denken Sie daran, Ihr Leergut aufzubewahren und dann zum Altglascontainer zu bringen. Wenn Sie darauf hoffen, künftigen Generationen eine gesunde und nützliche Umgebung zu hinterlassen, dann ist das Recycling von Weinflaschen der richtige Weg und erfordert nicht viel Aufwand.

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