What Food goes well with Pinot Noir?

What Food goes well with Pinot Noir?

Our personal food recommendations for Pinot Noir

What to prepare for your Pinot Noir picnic?

A snack plate with crackers, goat cheese, pear and salami in the perfect way to enjoy a Red Wine Glass of Pinot Noir. Herb crackers are ideal because they aren’t too salty and the herbs will set well against the rich bouquet of the pinot noir. The goat cheese is creamy and lets the other tastes linger on your tongue. Pear is refreshing and complements the brighter berry flavours. Finally, salami is salty and has a mouthwatering taste that enhances every other element. Each of these enhances the others as well as the wine, so you have one of the most ideal and relaxing plates possible. Figs and dried fruit also match pinot noir well. So do walnuts.

How about some table served meals?

We are getting hungry as we write!

  • portobello burger
  • broccoli cauliflower pasta with tahini sauce
  • eggplant, any way you want too cook it
  • classic French dishes with light creamy sauces such as rabbit or kidneys with a mustard sauce
  • roast or other cooked beetroot dishes
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