Our Event Location in Prenzlauer Berg: The Makery!

Our Event Location in Prenzlauer Berg: The Makery!

My wine-tasting journey as a host started in May 2022, as I was rethinking the entirety of Pointer as more than “just” a wine glass for picnic. I organized the first event and asked my close friends if they would like to crowdfund it and offer me pure honest feedback at the end. The evening was absolutely wonderful and I enjoyed so much sharing my knowledge with the others over a glass (or actually a few). 

As I am writing this post, I am already counting 7 wine tasting events and more than 120 people I was honored to guide through 6-8 Romanian wines from local producer Prince Stirbey. 

I hosted the first event and the next 2 in a beautiful location in Charlottenburg, next to my home and Pointer HQ. The beautiful Cafe Jeudi is still an amazing place where 25 people perfectly fit around an imperial table and an old piano. As I never really intended to have a place of my own, the main idea of the Pointer events was that they’d simply pop in different locations around the city, either indoors or outdoors.  

As we all turned the page to 2023, I made my move toward the East and found, thanks to a friend, a very beautiful place in Prenzlauer Berg. Entering the stage: The Makery. 

What is The Makery actually?

The Makery is a platform for creative workshops and DIY sets, with its own location for workshops in Prenzlauer Berg. It is pretty difficult to define the space itself, as it is a beautiful workspace, workshop room, and dining room, all in one. It is composed of 2 beautiful rooms separated by a curtain, the main room serving as event space, and the back room serves as the kitchen and backstage. 

For the wine tastings, we can easily accommodate 14 seated guests and it has a really beautiful and cozy atmosphere. In the summer, the tables can be moved outside and the events can happen directly on the sidewalk (feels like having my own bar).

Many creative people host events here, from cooking and painting workshops to DJ classes. We are so happy The Makery became our temporary Pointer home and we really feel at ease in this space. If you are looking for a space to host your creative workshops, I can highly recommend it as well as the lovely team behind it. 

Are you new to our wine-tasting events and you would like to join us at The Makery?

You can find our next scheduled workshop when following the link and in case you need more details, here is how the evening will go:

  • you will have a chance to taste 6-8 Romanian wines, more than half made from local grape varieties that you probably never tasted before;
  • there will be cheese pairing, olives, crackers, and other snacks;
  • you will learn quite a few things about Romanian wine history, Romanian grape varieties, and anything else you are curious to know;
  • you will probably make some new friends, as most of our events have a very relaxed easy-going atmosphere and we encourage you to talk to one another and enjoy the wines together. 

We have big plans for this space, one of them being our next series of events which will involve not only Romanian wines but also Romanian cuisine. We are working on a new collaboration and combining our love for wines with gastronomy. You will of course be the first ones to know, but you can already block the 24th and 25th of June for our Romanian Wine tasting Chapter 2.



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