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Drinking wine with style. Anytime. Anywhere

POINTER® is a wine glass designed for outdoor use, in a way that you will never spill your wine again. It can be pinned in the ground so that you can stop worrying about it tipping over at the first wind blow. The product combines the elegant with the practical. The concept design incorporates all the characteristics of a classy wine glass, while replacing partially the glass leg with a metal pin. Two POINTER glasses come packed together in an easy-to-carry box. It opens at both ends, giving you immediate access to each glass.



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POINTER is made out of 3 components: the metal part, the glass part and the box. After bringing all components together, the glass and metal parts are glued together and then 2 glasses are assembled in every box. Besides this, POINTER bags and blankets come as accessories to complete your picnic kit. Every component is carefully manufactured in Romania, by factories specialised on each different part. Providing a high quality product has always been one of the most important criteria, therefore all the partners have been chosen according to the highest standards, most efficient collaboration, best quality and creativity assets.


The metal component went through several changes since the launch of the product. Starting from an existing tent peg for the first POINTER prototypes, the metal pin evolved in time to be a thoroughly designed 3D model, under the supervision of engineers. Next prototypes were made using stainless steel bars, processed with CNC machines. After the Kickstarter campaign, an Aluminium mould was built following the existing the 3D After that, wax dummies were poured in and further on, 25 wax components were attached to a body. Next step was to sand blast these bodies and put them in the oven. Shortly, the heat of the oven melted the wax a way and then stainless steel was poured in. Once cooled down, the sand crust was removed with a hammer and then each rough metal piece was removed from the body. After drilling, careful cleaning and polishing, the metal pins came to completion.


The first 200 prototypes used already existing wine glasses, whose feet were chopped off. The shape of the glass was chosen for its modern yet simple proportion and shape, as well as its compatibility with all types of wine and the practicality of a smaller recipient. The current glass has been designed according to all of these standards, coming as close as possible to the already known shape of the POINTER glass component. The drawings were approved by the experienced glass craftsmen I have been working with, and then turned into a metal mould. After this, all the POINTER glasses have been hand-blown and further on a glass leg with the correct diameter was attached to each of them, trimmed at the exact same length in order to fit perfectly with the metal parts.


In the beginning I ordered pre-cut cylindrical cardboard boxes, with customised length and diameter. The inner reinforcements were mainly glued pieces of sponge, to prevent the glasses from breaking and from touching each other. The sticker was applied each time manually, with a lot of patience. I have tried later on to switch from cardboard to metal, but in order to keep a similar weight and concept design for the overall packaging, the best solution was still the cardboard. After pitching the idea to several cardboard manufacturers, I started collaborating with one of them, deciding together on all the characteristics: cardboard thickness, inner reinforcements, lids and dimensions. Several prototypes later, we reached the optimal prototype and decided on engraving the already existing outer design.


Several attempts were made in order to find the best glueing option. I started from fast glue which was of course, way too fast. I went on to silicone adhesives which sometimes worked well, sometimes not, but mainly they made a lot of mess and needed meticulous cleaning after drying. I also tried the two-component substances, which gave a very good result according to how well the two components were mixed. The latest test I made together with another specialised engineer was a black rubber film, greased on the bottom of the whole and on the glass leg. This method turned to create a very flexible movement between the two parts, causing their disconnection after a while. Getting a perfect grip between glass and metal is not very easy, therefore in time I got to find out which option worked the best and as I switched from artisanal glueing to industrial glueing, I chose for the two-component adhesive.



POINTER received this autumn its first award, the wonderful RED DOT. 4.860 entries were submitted this year and POINTER received one of the 69 Honourable Mentions. The article was published both online and in the Yearbook of Red Dot Design and, even though I couldn’t make it to the ceremony in Singapore, I was happy to receive my Red Dot Certificate and publication in Amsterdam.

“The Award -Honourable Mention- for high design quality, expressing innovation in form and function in an exemplary manner, is presented to POINTER - Ramona Enache, Romania.”

― RED DOT AWARD 2015. Singapore, September 25th

“Each Red Dot winner 2015 you will see on the following pages is a beautiful "enduring, not ultimate form" of its own. "Not ultimate" - because there will still be some amendments before the product is completely ready. "Enduring" - because the achievements of our winners will last; they have accomplished robust confirmations by our demanding jury, and their fantastic idea are engraved in this yearbook forever. Sincere congratulations to all of you!”

― Prof. Dr Peter Zec, Founder and CEO of Red Dot Award


POINTER was live on Kickstarter, one of the largest and most successful crowdfunding platforms, supporting clever ideas from all around the world. It reached its goal in 30 days thanks to people all around the world who supported the idea. Besides raising funds for better tools, Kickstarter has helped me gather a broad community around POINTER and reach new countries and platforms.



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I want to share the best moments I have had so far with the POINTER®. Designing it, making it and most of all, using it.


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I am just another architect who loves to invest their spare time in design products. After having lived in several different European countries, I am at the moment settled in Amsterdam. The POINTER® was born here and has brought so far a lot of motivation and satisfaction.

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