How to Use Pointer Wine Glass

How to Use Pointer Wine Glass

Remove the box lid, pull out the outdoor wine glass, stick it into the ground and pour wine without making your glass too full (stay below the widest point of the bowl to be able to swirl properly).

Pull the Pointer Wine Glass off the ground by grabbing the stainless steel metal pin and position your thumb on the carved notch, then swirl the wine a few times and smell it by inclining the wine glass at 45 degrees.

Swirl it again and then take a sip, pin it back to the ground, always holding onto the metal to ensure a better grip and to avoid touching the cup. It is not recommended to touch the glass, mainly because this could increase wine temperature, as well as leave fingerprints. Special note: do not swirl the wine if you are drinking sparkling wine, otherwise this will lead to the rapid loss of bubbles.

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