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How to clean Pointer Wine Glass

We recommend always washing new glasses before using them for the first time. Thanks to added titanium, our wine glasses are more resistant against mechanical defects and don’t turn gray after multiple cycles in a dishwasher. The metal pins are made from stainless steel and therefore resistant to rust. 

It is perfectly OK to put Pointer Wine Glasses in the dishwasher. Place each glass in your dishwasher upside down on the glass rack, balanced between your machine’s prongs. Make sure that no two glasses touch and that there's no cutlery around. Moreover, always make sure the rinse aid compartment is filled. Use a delicate program after the dishwasher does its magic, open it and allow the glasses to fully dry before you remove them and place them back in their box. You can use a dry towel to dry the last watermarks. 

If you are washing them by hand, use an odorless detergent and do not soak them. Do not use sponges, just use your hands or special glass cleaning brushes.

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